Our Approach


Reinventing the usual consulting framework, we combine coaching, mentoring, facilitation and teaching in one integrated approach.

Approach & Methodology

Working from top to bottom and from bottom to top, at once

Engaging with all functions across your organization, including senior management

Looking at the micro along with the macro, focusing on results

Seeking out vicious circles and breaking them

Optimizing processes and helping people work optimally as a group

Understanding ecosystems. Identifying patterns. Taking action.

We see each organization as a living entity with an entire ecosystem hidden beneath a surface swarming with activity. Taking aמ all-inclusive view, we look at this ecosystem’s people, resources and culture; its strengths and weaknesses; its success and failures; its history and goals for the future - and what is holding it back from achieving them.

We know that there is no generic recipe for success, because your organization is completely unique and constantly changing in response to changes in its own specific environment. What is productive today may not work tomorrow. This is why people and organizations must constantly adapt themselves. By educating your organization, we enable you to identify challenges in its environment, define the changes you need to make to your ecosystem in order to succeed, and in doing so become adaptive and resilient.

We have observed that, like people, organizations act in patterns. Usually, behavior becomes a pattern as it is proven to be effective. But sometimes patterns lose efficiency, or worse, become highly inefficient, wasteful and misdirected. We call these patterns ‘vicious circles' – and we aren’t afraid to break them.
We do not wholly trust in any single methodology - whether Agile, Scrum, LeSS, SAFe, DaD or Kanban - but we use them as tools, taking from them what we need and using them to our advantage in order to succeed.

We aren’t consultants. Rather, we are coaches, mentors, teachers and facilitators, who work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to achieve your goals, which we adopt as our own.



Our goal is to optimize your organization’s performance, even in a VUCA environment, by leveraging all its resources to realize the potential of your people. To do this in a tailored way, we have developed the NOVA Model – a collection of rules and skills that will help to achieve the transformation that will enable your organization to achieve adaptivity and anti-fragility.

Along the way, we will ask you the hard questions that will help you arrive at your ELP® (Energy, Leadership, Performance) score to understand your progress against your goals.


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